June borrows from many other disciplines such as natural posture principles and physiotherapy but holds a holistic or yogic view of health. This view is that the body is a naturally self regulating entity and it is blockages of the energy flow in the body that are primarily responsible for creating problems in the body. Therefore, her approach is more about tuning into the body to gain more awareness of how we can create tension in the body thus disrupting our health.  

Her focus is more on group classes. Each class has a short educational component where she uses anatomy models, youtube videos and slides to assist students in learning more about their bodies and how they function. IThe rest of the class consists of gentle exercises designed to help students gain more awareness of their bodies, discover and release tension. These exercises are treated as explorations or experiments. The exercises are not done to achieve something but rather to learn how we can get out of our body’s way so that it can maintain its own health.