June’s primary focus is on her group classes. She does not diagnose or treat specific conditions, but concentrates on explorations focused on an area of the body. The explorations are all doable by the majority of people. If however, there are no classes available that fit your schedule, you want to start working with June before the next scheduled offering of the class you are interested in, or you are concerned that you have limitations that would make it difficult to attend a group class, or just simply would prefer private sessions, one on one sessions are available. Please email June at junewingyoga@shaw.ca to schedule a session. The cost for a session within your own home is $75 an hour or $100 for 90 minutes including travel time within the Greater Victoria area. You would need a suitable place within your home to work in and preferably a chair but June will provide the other props needed. Private classes at 3948 Quadra can usually be arranged weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm. The cost for studio sessions would be $95 for one hour and $130 for 90 minutes.